Security & bot mitigation

On average, more than 50% of your traffic is done by bots.
Among these bots, half are impersonators, scrapers, spammers … bad bots.

The others, sometimes quickly considered as “good bots”, are in fact engaged in commercial activities. Most of the time, they do this without first seeking to establish a partnership with the publisher of the site whose content and technical means he uses.

However, these activities can have consequences just as bad as those of “bad bots”

If you knew who they were, would you pass a bot from the competing site, a bot pillage your information to resell, or more simply bots that need to oversize your server and bandwidth?

Our approach :
Bot Mitigation and Security: Protection against malicious bots, identification of “good bots”

  • Advanced profiling techniques and invisible challenges are put in place to identify and block malicious bots before they reach your applications. Legitimate traffic is not bothered and gets to your sites faster.

  • Our database contains millions of different browsers and bot signatures. This base stretches every day. When a new version of bot is discovered, profiling is set up based on HTTP / S header content, Ip & amp; ASN information, behavior patterns, and Fingerprints technologies.

  • If the new bot behaves suspiciously, it faces a series of invisible challenges (cookies, JS, etc.). Even under the most important DDoS attacks, your load times will not be affected, and your visitors will not be bothered by Captchas or waiting pages.