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Our Activity
BotsCorner was created in 2017. This service is meant to inform the owner of an internet site of Non-Human Traffic, which is generated by bots. There is something you can do about it!

Knowledge is Power!

Information gathered by Botscorner will allow the crawled website to adopt a particular strategy for each bit once the identity of the organisation controlling the bot is known.
Whether in charge of the content delivering, monetization, or B2B partnerships on press websites, or in charge of an e-commerce website, the conclusion is obvious: most of page requests, and thus content utilisation, are processed by bots, anonymously without any prior agreement or compensation.
In addition to students or searchers using small data collection programmes, and Google Search bot which indexes sites, there is also a wide number of companies which gather information directly from the publishers’ websites. The latter are often unable to distinguish between positive traffic which could be monetized from the inflated, even nefarious traffic for the website.

Do we have allow bots to gain access to sites even if it will only increase the number of constant requests on the server and then saturate the bandwidth?
Bots purposes include: reconstituting a media plan which had been formerly sold on a bid website, copy articles for commercial purposes, indexing pages for search engines, scanning prices and references for price comparison including for your competitor.
Malicious bots will not only skew analytics for a website, but they will often also generate masses of ad impressions and clicks.

Botscorner provides you with the information required and give you every means of success.